Attomooh for Industrial Supplies Co., Ltd.

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Attomooh for Industrial Supplies Co., Ltd. Is a trading company working in medium and small machines and tools, in different fields of industry.


Attomooh company was established in 2006.


We are importing from many countries, for example:


From China mainly we are importing food equipments.


We are importing from Turkey, which also start to have good machines, in addition to their geographical location, that is very near to us, also the common traditions and cultural between us.


Also in 2010 we start importing from Italy, that has good quality, and competitive prices, in additional to their geographical location, and their famous brands.


In 2014 we made our first order from Germany.


And we are proud by not supplying any product that is used only for serving alcohol beverages or tobacco.

Attomooh for Industrial Supplies Co., Ltd. 2006
Registered in Palestine under No: 562497271
Kalbouneh building, Askar Street, Nablus, Palestine
Tel & Fax: +970 - 9 - 23 12 123